Alternative Workouts to Running

Why do I need an Alternative Workout?

To become better at something I believe that specific skill training is the best way to go, run to become a better runner. “You don’t become a great pianist by practicing the flute”, I’ve heard someone say.

But what if you, for some reason, are not able to run? Or maybe you don’t want to run, but still want to do a similar type of workout. Then what should you do? Is there any good alternative workouts to running?

My favorite Alternative Workouts

Get on the Bike / Cross trainer

Let’s start with a classic, the stationary bike, which I believe is one of the most common alternative workouts for injured athletes in general. I think biking is a really good alternative workout to running. It is easy to adjust the intensity and you can do a variety of workouts on the bike. The thing that I like the least with the stationary bike is that it is what it is, stationary. If you do your alternative workout on a regular bike instead, you get the opportunity to explore your environment at the same time as you get your workout done.Biking as an alternative workout to running

Another good alternative to running would be the cross trainer. You could say that the cross trainer movement is a mix of running and biking and I think it is less stressful on your joints then running can be.

Take a Swim / Water run

If you prefer to workout in the water instead, then swimming is a great alternative for you. Just jump in the pool or get into the ocean and feel the water reduce the sense of gravity. It can take some time to get the right technique going. But when you are able to handle the technique in an easy way, without any struggling, it is a great workout alternative. A little tips would be to take some sort of swimming lesson, just to learn the technique faster.Great alternating workouts in the water

If you don’t want to swim, you can still workout in the water. My favorite of the alternative workouts to running is actually running, but in water. With a little help from a swim belt, so that you stay above the surface, you could actually run in the water. You will not be able to run fast, not even walking pace, but you are able to do the movement of your running stride.

Go out for a Walk

Maybe walking doesn’t sound like a great workout. But I think that walking could be a really good alternative workout to running, if you do it in a fairly high pace, a power walk. Sometimes when after I’ve been sick and I’m not ready to run yet I use to do some power walks, just to get the system going. Power walk as is a good alternative workout to running

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